How to choose an engagement ring? By following these 5 tips, you can count on success

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Finding the perfect ring for the woman of your life? It doesn’t sound like an easy task. What’s more, the huge selection can make you dizzy. However, no worries! Today we have prepared 5 simple tips for you that will make your shopping decision easier.

1. Set a budget

Take the task seriously, check your bank balance and realistically determine how much you can spend on a ring. Under no circumstances take a loan for this purpose! This is a symbol of love, not extravagance.

2. Make sure you know your future bride’s taste

Check what kind of jewelry your partner has liked so far. Does she usually wear gold or silver ornaments? Is it minimalistic or maybe richly decorated?

3. Opt for a precious stone

A popular choice is a diamond, but it is quite possible that your partner loves a certain color that dominates her daily outfit or wears some gemstones. You can find stunning emerald in jewelry stores, which works well with fair complexions and red or blonde hair. But how about a more energetic ruby for crazy and wild women? Or an elegant and seductive sapphire, the kind that adorns the finger of Duchess Kate Middleton?

4. Know your finger size

If your chosen one wears rings every day, it is enough to “borrow” one of them and go with it to the jeweler. Remember that it must be the one she wears on the ring finger of her right hand!

But if she doesn’t have any rings, then things get more difficult. You can persuade her to play a game of tracing her hand on a piece of paper together, or ask her friend to somehow measure her finger or advise on the size.

5. Ask for a return

And we don’t mean that your chosen one might say no. If the ring turns out to be too big, too small or not to your partner’s liking, you’ll be able to have it adjusted or replaced.


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