How to take care of jeans so that they look phenomenal for a long time?

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Jeans never go out of fashion – probably no one needs to be convinced of that. Regardless of gender, age and preferences, everyone has a pair of jeans in their closet. It is good to put on a jeans jacket in spring, when you go to the store or meet with friends. In autumn, denim is worn more often. Once you’ve found the pants or jacket of your dreams, you want to keep them in good condition for as long as possible, because of the timelessness of denim.

Make sure you wash them properly

Clothes get dirty sooner or later. In order to look fashionable and pay attention to what he puts on, a fashionable man should know how to take care of his outfit – even when it’s no longer on. Denim seems to be one of the simpler materials when it comes to laundry. After all, it won’t snag, nor should it get stained. However, there are some pretty significant hooks in this wishful thinking.

Be sure to remove your denim clothing before spinning. By doing so, you will easily prevent possible streaks, which can fade in an ugly way during spinning. Another important point is to always pay attention to the label. Did you know that some types of denim need to be washed only in cold water without detergents? These techniques will keep their color longer and will not stretch the fabric

Drying? Only the natural way

By taking a look at the label, you will find out which materials your denim garment is made of. If you find elastane there – don’t risk the automatic dryer. Although convenient, the dryer will destroy the elastane in your pants, making them stiffer and less flexible. In other cases, they can cause the fabric to shrink or loosen threads, making the fabric more likely to rub. Electric dryers are great for when you need your clothes “now,” but when it comes to denim, you really should go for natural methods. Whenever you can, let your denim clothes dry on their own. In time, you’ll really thank yourself for this lesson in patience

The right size

I’m sure you’re well aware that all clothes have a way of getting looser or tighter over time. It’s no wonder – even the best quality material is susceptible to this. The first wash makes our clothes change. But denim is such an unusual fabric that when you buy a new pair from an unfamiliar brand or designer, you don’t know beforehand whether the material will get bigger after the first wash…. or it will get smaller. It is worth to ask a salesperson in a showroom or read information on the Internet, so that when buying pants, you will know what to look for. It is not always a good idea to choose perfectly fitted models – such is the case with denim, which I’m sure you could feel beforehand, maybe without even realizing this surprising feature of the material

Choose a good quality fabric in advance and it will stay with you longer

If you want a denim garment that will actually last more than one season, opt for a new one straight from the store. Even the most interesting model of pants or an interesting jacket are not worth risking that the material will wear out. Also, always check how much denim is actually in the jeans. The easiest way to avoid reading labels? Pick up two folded pairs of pants. The one that’s heavier will have less cotton in it, which means the fabric will stay top quality longer

Let your clothes take a vacation

You think once you’ve chosen the best quality fabric, washed it properly, and sized perfectly, your denim worries are a thing of the past? How you wear your denim is just as important. Even if you bought pants from one of the best brands, if you wear them every day, they will wear off just as quickly as cheap pants from the market. The important thing is that the fabric is allowed to “rest” from constant wear. So give yourself the gift of spending a whole week in your favorite outfit. It will do both the denim and your styling good!


Main photo: Edward Berthelot/ French Select/ Getty Images

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