Why is vitamin C so important for our skin?

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Vitamin C is increasingly becoming one of the ingredients of cosmetics for face and body. More and more people are convinced of its beneficial action, who opt for conscious skin care. How does it affect our skin and why is it worth introducing it into our daily routine?

Effect of vitamin C on the skin

The effect of vitamin C on our body is well known. This vitamin in our diet strengthens our immunity, has an antioxidant effect, affects the absorption of iron and has a beneficial effect on our blood vessels. It turns out, however, that the list of advantages of vitamin C does not end here

When applying cosmetics with vitamin C to the face, we have an anti-aging effect on it. This substance neutralizes free radicals that are responsible for early aging of the skin. Applying vitamin C is, next to sun protection, the best anti-aging prevention for the skin.

If you struggle with hyperpigmentation, you should also consider introducing cosmetics with vitamin C to your daily skin care. Vitamin C has a mild exfoliating effect and the ability to inhibit the enzyme tyronase, which is involved in melanin production. So with regular use of cosmetics with added vitamin C, we can lighten hyperpigmentation and even skin tone.

If you have a vascular skin, using vitamin C will help you strengthen and seal the walls of blood vessels.

Vitamin C and all its facets

Vitamin C can hide in the formulation under many different names. Each of them exhibits slightly different properties. When analyzing the composition, it is therefore worth knowing which one to reach for in order to get the best results.

Ascorbic Acid

Otherwise known as ascorbic acid. It shows the highest activity, which makes it the most effective. It is helpful in the fight against hyperpigmentation, because it positively affects the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. However, it is not recommended for sensitive skin because it can cause irritation and peeling of the epidermis.

Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate

This form of vitamin C is most commonly found in various oils, butters and oily cheeses. It gives similar effects as ascorbic acid, but you have to wait a little longer for visible effects. Due to its delicate action, it is recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Ascorbyl Glucoside

It can also be found under the simpler name ascorbyl glucoside. It has a mild and gradual effect, however, it has the ability to penetrate deeper layers of the skin

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP)

This is by far the mildest form of vitamin C that we can find on the market. That is why it is found in cosmetics in higher concentrations than other types of vitamin C. It does not penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis and is water soluble. It works gradually, so we can wait a little longer for its effects.

3-0-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid

Also known as ethyl ascorbic acid. It is water-soluble and shows high effectiveness in collagen synthesis.

Contraindications to the use of vitamin C

Vitamin C is a relatively safe substance and there are no major contraindications to its use. There are rumors circulating that it should not be used in the summer, when our skin is exposed to more sunlight. However, more and more people confirm that this is a myth – vitamin C can even be used as a natural sunscreen. However, in the summer, its beneficial effects are somewhat weaker.

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