5 ways to get rid of dry and itchy skin

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Well-groomed and moisturized skin is also healthy skin. But what if yours is sensitive, dry and itches nonstop? Discover our 5 proven ways to get rid of dry and itchy skin.

Is your skin itchy, dry and therefore often flaky and also hypersensitive? Itchy skin is a really bothersome complaint, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a skin condition right away. What are the causes of itching?

Causes of itching

The causes of itchy skin can be really many; from allergies, sunburn, frostbite, ringworm or even an insect bite. However, if we have a sensitive and dry skin type, itching can be one of its symptoms, and in this case a slight itching (which is not a symptom of a skin disease) can be dealt with by using proven home remedies.

When we have itchy skin, we reflexively begin to scratch after it. Not only is this way bringing temporary relief, but in addition not necessarily healthy and advised against by dermatologists or allergologists. Why? Because scratching the skin leads to abrasions of the epidermis, promotes its damage and, what’s worse, increases the itching. So it is worth reaching for another solution to this problem, and preferably tailored to the cause that triggers the ailment. Several home remedies will work for dry skin

Home remedies for dry and itchy skin

Of course, the key role is played by proper care adapted to our skin type. Lucky are only people who have a normal skin type, the so-called mixed, because they do not have to limit themselves and carefully select cosmetics for care, they can confidently use specifications of different composition. But let’s focus on people with dry skin. How should they take care of their skin to improve its condition?

Cool water baths relieve itching

This is a proven method that brings relief to dry skin. Such bath is nourishing and regenerating for the sensitive epidermis. Moreover, you can add some baby oil to the water. This product will perfectly moisturize the skin and will be a protective layer against dryness.

Cold compresses for itchy areas

Applying cold compresses is also a proven way to get rid of itching. The cold is great at numbing the hypersensitive areas. Remember, however, to make an ice pack, you should wrap it, for example, in foil and wrap a cloth, do not apply ice directly on the skin, because it may cause the opposite effect to the intended one.

To wash dry skin, use products that do not contain soap

Soap disturbs the pH balance of the skin, if you wash dry and itch-prone skin with it, it can only increase the itching. Therefore, for washing sensitive skin it is worth using emollients, which do not contain soap in their composition. These cosmetics are especially suitable for atopic skin, prone to allergies, and this is due to their pure and hypoallergenic composition. Lanolin and plant oils contained in them have anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties, regenerating sensitive epidermis.

Use cosmetic preparations that soothe itchy skin

After washing and drying the skin it is worthwhile to moisturize it properly. For dry skin we recommend creams and lotions with a strong lubricating effect, for example those based on aloe and lanolin. Topical gels also work very well. It is always good to ask a pharmacist, he will certainly tell you which preparation will help to alleviate itching.

Masks for dry and itchy skin – a spa for your skin

Sensitive and irritable skin, especially on the face, likes masks made of fruit. A great suggestion is a mask prepared from a ripe banana or avocado. Such a mashed slurry applied to the skin for a few minutes will nourish and strengthen it, and thus relieve itching.


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