Want to start your jogging adventure in the winter? We suggest how to start running at this time of year

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Healthy for body and soul, and at the same time cheap and available at your fingertips. We are talking about running, which you don’t have to give up when the temperature outside drops drastically. Use our tips and run more kilometers!

Take care of your physical and… mental health

Jogging is one of the varieties of running that gives great benefits. First of all, it is worth noting that jogging can be practiced by almost everyone – there is no crazy pace, intervals or marathons. Everything is based on a slow pace, trotting.

During the training we cover an average of 1 kilometer in 6 minutes. Although it seems to be very slow, it does not prevent you from achieving a slim figure, building muscles and strengthening the immune system. There are even more advantages of jogging. For example, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, fights stress and even signs of depression, and speeds up metabolism. Morning jogging gives you energy for action, and evening jogging calms and tranquilizes you.

Below we present the rules which should be followed to be able to train in winter when weather conditions are not particularly favourable. Remember to choose routes with snow or hard-packed snow. When running on snow-covered terrain, when the snow is up to our ankles, we have to lift our knees high, and this is not conducive to good posture – we put unnecessary strain on our joints and knees, and risk muscle damage. Beware of any icy conditions that can cause a fall or even a fracture.

Thermoactive underwear and warm socks are essential

When running outdoors, the right clothing is very important – warm, but breathable, which will not cause sweating. When it comes to the winter months, here you cannot forget about thermal underwear, which perfectly wicks away moisture and keeps you warm (cotton quickly becomes damp, which cools the body).

Then you should put on a long-sleeved shirt and a thin jacket or fleece, as well as pants or leggings that do not restrict your movements. You may also want to consider a vest. You should dress in such a way as to feel a slight chill at first (if you feel warm right away, take off one layer of clothing)

Remember also about warm and long socks. Those made of wool, especially merino wool, will be perfect. As for the shoes, the best for jogging in the winter will be models with non-slip soles and deep tread, and in a slightly larger size, so that your foot can easily fit into a thicker sock and there is no risk of unpleasant abrasions or pressure.

A hat or headband is a must

A lot of heat escapes through our heads, so don’t go without a beanie or a warm ear band. There is also a multifunctional buff, which you can use to cover your neck (except scarf), just your chin or most of your face. Be careful here – you should cover not only your ears but also your forehead, up to your eyebrows, in order not to suffer from a possible sinusitis later on.

Winter weather conditions and wind adversely affect the hands – it is worth having gloves on them.

Another small but important tip – choose clothes in vivid colors (black and navy blue are out), and with reflective elements, thanks to which you will be well visible.

Dynamic warm-up for the start, but the finish line at home

Every physical activity, including jogging, requires a warm-up. When jogging in winter, it is best to use vigorous exercises, for example, jumps, jumping jacks, shoulder and hip circles, quick bends. Thanks to this, we will warm up our muscles and joints, and we will easily be able to move on to the proper training.

At the end it is necessary to stretch. While in summer we can do it outside, in winter muscles get cold quickly and stretching could simply damage them. Stretching should therefore be done calmly, after returning home.

Jogging is supposed to be fun, also jogging in winter. It is important to watch your body. It may turn out that a certain temperature definitely does not suit us or we may need an extra layer of clothing or a warm balaclava for our head.


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