How to fight acne in adulthood?

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Acne problems face not only people in adolescence, but also adults. The causes can vary, and treatment can take a really long time. Where does acne come from on adult faces? Can it be prevented? How to fight it? We answer all the questions that bother you!

Where does acne in adults come from?

The appearance of acne in adults is most often hormonal, although this is not the only cause of this affliction. Unsightly facial lesions can appear through an inadequate diet or improper skin care. Stress also plays a key role in this condition. Cortisol, present in the blood, affects the condition of our complexion. In situations of nervous tension, its level in our body increases, resulting in excessive production of sebum, which directly leads to the formation of blemishes on our face.

If you’re struggling with acne and don’t know what could be the cause, take a look at your daily diet. If you consume a lot of processed food, devoid of vitamins and micronutrients, your complexion may be adversely affected. Also, sweets can make acne lesions start to appear on our face. So it’s worth introducing as many fruits and vegetables as possible into our menu, and we will certainly notice an improvement in our complexion.

Acne can also appear when we take improper care of our skin. Poorly chosen cosmetics can cause clogging of the sebaceous glands, which directly leads to acne lesions.

Types of acne in adults

Acne in adults can have different forms, so before we treat it, it is useful to determine the type.

Acne rosacea

Characteristic of rosacea are visible erythematous lesions and irritated skin. This type is difficult to treat.

Cystic acne

Cystic acne is associated with the formation of pus-filled blackheads on the face, which can be painful. It is also often accompanied by an inflamed complexion.

Papular acne

With papular acne, we can see subcutaneous lesions on the face that are difficult to remove. They can persist on the skin for several months and leave unsightly scars.

Fighting acne – regular skin cleansing

To enjoy a beautiful and smooth complexion, you need to cleanse it regularly. Choose cosmetics that suit the needs of your skin. Wash your face with gel at least twice a day, and then tone it to restore the right ph level.

Fight acne – spot treatment

Unsightly and painful acne lesions can be fought by spot treatment. Any drying creams and ointments, such as zinc paste, will work great here. It has an anti-inflammatory and drying effect on the blackheads that have formed. It also prevents the formation of new lesions.

Fighting acne – dietary supplements

Some people choose to fight acne from within. You can get over-the-counter pills at the pharmacy, which are designed to protect the complexion from the effects of free radicals. Vitamin supplements such as B6, C, E, zinc and selenium are also worth considering.

Fighting acne – drug treatment

If you can’t get rid of acne on your own, you should visit a dermatologist. The specialist will then implement drug treatment tailored to our needs, help find the cause and support us in changing our skin care habits.

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