What are the types of men’s jackets and how to fit a particular model to your figure?

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A stylish jacket is a must-have item in every well-dressed man’s closet. This outer garment not only protects you from the cold, but also gives your outfit a nonchalant or even roguish character

The topic of men’s fashion is explored by more and more men, so today it is worth to look into the topic of jackets, which will fit into various outfits. A jacket well chosen to your figure can be an interesting base on which to build a complete outfit

What kind of jacket meets your expectations largely depends on what lifestyle you lead and in what circumstances you will need it most. Check out your options here!

Men’s jackets are perfect for transitional periods, especially in early autumn and spring/summer. These types of jackets are usually light and airy and look great with a simple T-shirt or a thin sweater

They are also suitable for chilly evenings, so they are a great option for a stylish date outfit. Even if you find it too hot, you can always offer it to your partner, a very romantic gesture.

When looking for a perfect jacket, it is worth betting on classic and universal models, which will suit both casual and more formal outfits. The best idea is to buy a timeless cut, which will serve us for years, and will not be put back in the closet when a fast trend passes.

The color of the men’s transition jacket will also matter, it is better to bet on a basic range of colors or choose a shade that matches the rest of your closet. Discover the most stylish models that will fit your style

Men’s jackets that are versatile and timeless


More and more men, regardless of whether they prefer sporty or more elegant style, use elements of street fashion, called streetwear, in their styling. One of its popular components are longer jackets with an interesting cut, which are called parkas.

Initially used by soldiers, parkas have become a casual part of men’s closets. Many people wear thick, down parkas in winter, but an interesting alternative are also thinner models, which are phenomenal in spring and autumn. Parkas are very practical and functional, and apart from the right length, they have a hood, which protects against adverse weather conditions. Apart from that, most models have spacious pockets and a drawstring for adjusting the waist. They suit both tall men and those who are a bit shorter


Another model that is very popular among stylish and modern men are Harringtons. These are most often waist-length tops equipped with a practical drawstring

Apart from many advantages and functionality, such as deep pockets with buttons, Harringtons are above all nonchalant and chic. This is certainly due to the original cut and such nuances as collar with stand-up collar or lining in a characteristic check

This model is very versatile and has not been out of fashion for years. The moment that had a big impact on the popularization of harringtons among men was the premiere of the film “Rebel Without a Cause”. It was there that James Dean wore a characteristic red jacket, which later every boy wanted to have in his closet. Simple jackets with a drawstring waist can be worn both with T-shirts and in a smart casual version with an elegant shirt.


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