Original or fake? We suggest how to recognize it

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The fashion industry for years has been fighting against fakes, which unfortunately flood the market more and more often, tempting customers with lower prices

If you want to invest in premium clothes or accessories, it is worth knowing how to distinguish an original and branded item from a regular fake. Check what are the most important differences between these two types of products

It is very optimistic that most people think that wearing fakes is passe. Premium products tend to be more expensive, but their price is due to a superior manufacturing process where there is no room for defects. Every item you can buy in luxury boutiques is of the highest quality, so there are no uneven seams, protruding threads or other defects.

Unfortunately, countries such as Egypt and Turkey still produce fakes on a massive scale, which can be bought at local markets for very little money. T-shirts, handbags or sunglasses bearing the logos of Prada, Louis Vuitton or Chanel have nothing in common with products that can be found in luxury boutiques. Learn a few rules, thanks to which you will never again confuse a fake with the original!

Why are clothes and accessories from luxury brands so expensive?

Several factors contribute to the high price of premium products. The most important is the fact that we pay first of all for the very high quality of the offered clothes or accessories. When you buy a handbag or a dress from a well-known fashion house, you can be sure that the item has been prepared with attention to every detail

Fakes are usually of incomparably worse quality and you can sometimes feel it for example when you take the material in your hands. The world of fakes, however, is constantly looking for ways to create products as close to the original as possible, which can make it difficult to distinguish them

The biggest differences between a fake and an original

  1. QUALITY OF MATERIAL – Genuine designer clothing is sewn from the highest quality materials, which can often be felt when you touch the clothing. A simple way to recognize a fake is to simply read the composition, which is found on care labels.
  2. STITCHINGMETHOD – details are of utmost importance here, as there can be no question of negligence or shortcomings in the workmanship of clothes and accessories when it comes to luxury products. Each item goes through very meticulous quality testing
  3. ZIPZERS – in goods from premium brands all zippers work flawlessly and can be unfastened and fastened with ease
  4. LOGOS – sometimes you can spot a fake by looking at the logo on the product, because its execution is not perfect, as it is in the case of originals.

Blockchain in the fight against fakes

Fashion brands are always looking for new solutions in order to effectively fight illegal trade in fakes. It turns out that using new technologies is very helpful in this matter.

More and more luxury brands confirm the authenticity of their products with a digital certificate. Thanks to this certificate the client can be sure that the product purchased is genuinely manufactured by a given fashion house. It is also a sensational way to authenticate the purchase of second-hand luxury goods, because in addition to the handbag or shoes, we can also give the new buyer proof that the item is original.


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