Espadrilles are a great alternative to sneakers – check how to style them

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When we need elegant footwear on warmer days, espadrilles come to our rescue! They are lightweight, comfortable and extremely stylish – some men wear them every day instead of sneakers. Check out how to style men’s espadrilles to look good.

Men’s espadrilles – shoes for every man

Espadrilles absolutely must be in the summer closet of every man who is at least a little interested in fashion. These are extremely versatile shoes – you can easily style them for many occasions. In espadrilles you will look fashionable and classy.

Espadrilles are shoes that cover the foot, but are still very breathable. They are extremely comfortable to wear. The soles of espadrilles are usually made of water hyacinth, jute braid or other natural grasses. This is what makes the shoes lightweight and adaptable to the foot. The upper part of the upper is usually sewn from cotton or linen canvas.

Espadrilles perfect for shorts

Espadrilles are shoes that we can successfully wear in the summer to comfortable shorts. Then remember to wear them on the bare foot – this is how they look best. If you are going for a long walk, you can choose to wear socks, but be sure to choose a low model that will not stick out of the shoe.

Espadrilles and a polo shirt

The polo shirt is a hit every summer. It is comfortable, and at the same time a bit more elegant than the classic T-shirt. If you want to create a fashionable and classic styling, combine this cut of blouse with fashionable slip-on espadrilles. Match it with short fabric shorts and a leather belt, and let the blouse sink in. A successful styling is ready!

Espadrilles in elegant styling

About the fact that espadrilles are an extremely versatile model of footwear, you probably do not need to convince anyone anymore. If you need an elegant styling for a warm summer evening, wear a white shirt and short jeans, and complete the look with bright espadrilles. Elegance and comfort in one!

Lace-up espadrilles – an alternative to sneakers

Tired of wearing sneakers already? Replace them with lace-up espadrilles. They provide better stabilization of the foot than the slip-on version of shoes, and they are still fashionable and comfortable. They are also much more breathable than regular sneakers.

Espadrilles for long pants

Espadrilles can also be successfully worn with long-legged pants. Nothing prevents you from pairing them with linen pants, chinos or light jeans.

On a colder day, bet on navy blue espadrilles matched with white chinos, a light T-shirt and a blue linen jacket. If it gets warmer, you can easily remove the jacket and your styling will still look impeccable.

Disadvantages of wearing espadrilles

It would seem that espadrilles are the perfect shoes. You can wear them with practically everything, they are airy and provide the foot with adequate stability. However, they have one minor drawback: they are easy to get dirty and, unfortunately, difficult to clean. Because of the braided sole, we can’t just throw them in the washing machine. When cleaning espadrilles by hand, be careful not to get the natural plastic parts wet. To get rid of this problem, you can opt for espadrilles with a suede upper. While they will be less breathable, they will be easier to keep clean.

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