What should a gaming desk be like?

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Gamers highly value comfort while playing. Indeed, comfort can have quite an impact on gameplay, and its lack sometimes determines the outcome of the match. Additionally, people who spend a lot of time in front of the screen should take care of their posture

A properly chosen gaming desk and chair not only provide much more comfort while playing, but also help to maintain a healthy posture for the spine. See what the optimal gaming desk should be

Large surface

A gaming monitor, keyboard, speakers and other gadgets take up a lot of space on your desk. Besides positioning the equipment, you also need to remember to leave free space for mouse movements. During fast-paced gameplay, nothing can limit its reach, so a large mouse pad should be completely free of other equipment

The surface of the desk will also allow you to place drinks or snacks on it at a safe distance from the gaming equipment. Pro Gamer gaming desks even have tops up to 160 cm long! Such a space will definitely allow you to create a comfortable and very elaborate gaming station

USB ports and additional holders

These items are not essential for gaming, but they definitely make it easier to create your gaming station and organize your space. The USB ports built into the desk allow you to connect your entire gaming station to each other, and they also solve the problem of tangled cables on your desk, since you can easily organize cables that are plugged into or under the desk

A headphone holder beneath the desk minimizes the risk of equipment falling off the desk or damaging the cable, while a bottle holder eliminates the risk of spilling drinks on expensive electronics.

Height adjustment

A very useful feature with gaming desks is the ability to adjust the height. This allows you to adjust your gaming space perfectly to suit you. Very tall people complain about cervical spine pain, because they have to play with their heads down because of too low desks. On the other hand, short people and children suffer from excessive tension in the neck and shoulder girdle area, because they have to lift their arms slightly to rest their hands on the table top

These problems have a big impact on players’ health and well-being. Poorly adjusted height of desks and chairs in children and teenagers usually leads to postural defects, which they suffer from in adulthood

In addition, the height adjustment of the desk also allows you to set the top high enough to comfortably play in a standing position. During a long gaming session, it is a good idea to play one game standing up from time to time to activate your body a bit and relieve the strain on your spine. This way you can avoid back pain, headaches and neck pain

A gaming chair for your desk

If you don’t have an adjustable desk and can’t afford one at the moment, take care of your spine by buying a gaming chair. These chairs are height adjustable, so you can still adjust them to your height, but they’re also padded with a thick layer of soft foam, which makes them extremely comfortable

Hours spent gaming at the computer can be really tiring if you don’t have a seat that is soft and comfortable enough. A gaming chair is your best investment.

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