3 sporty hairstyle ideas for everyday

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Elastic belts, soft, high-quality fabrics and comfortable sneakers – comfort is the basis of men’s sports fashion, also known as athleisure. The right athletic closet pieces and accessories work well for dates, social gatherings, and when properly designed, even at the office.

You may have noticed that women are already embracing this trend, wearing leggings while running errands and meeting friends for coffee. You probably already have athleisure clothing in your closet – such as joggers, t-shirts, hoodies, hats and shoes

But what’s the difference between athleisure and regular workout gear? The hallmarks of this men’s athletic style are durable, high-quality fabrics and flattering cuts. While you can technically wear this clothing to the gym, you’ll probably want them to look more neat.

How to complete sportswear for men

So how exactly do you create that ultimate hybrid of comfort and fashion? After all, you don’t want to look like you’ve been binge-watching Netflix and a packet of chips on the couch all day, or that you just completed a marathon.

One important rule: men’s athletic style doesn’t have to be loose and baggy. It’s all about balance and proportion when choosing the most appropriate outfit for your figure.

Joggers and sweatpants

The best thing about them is their comfort and stretch, but they’re not the saggy sweatpants you wore to gym class. These athleisure ones have a thinner fit and taper at the ankles. Pair a T-shirt with a graphic, e.g Pitbull West Coast with tailored joggers or slim-fit sweatpants and a jacket for a comfortable and neat weekend outfit. Or wear more fitted joggers (look for styles with belt loops and a zipper opening) with a button-down shirt and tie or polo and smart shoes for a party.

Long sleeve blouse

A quality sweatshirt is an athleisure favorite – and the key here is layering. You can create an interesting look by pairing the blouse with slim-fit pants, dark jeans or smart joggers and all-black sneakers. You can always add a sports jacket to make the outfit more formal. You can also layer it with something less formal. The following will work perfectly in this case baseball jacket.


Wear a pair of trail shorts with a long or short sleeve t-shirt, such as the brand Lonsdale and a jacket. A short sleeve shirt with a collar and slip-on casual shoes like sneakers are a great combination for weekend outdoor outings like barbecues and picnics.

How to care for your clothes so they last longer

Think of men’s sportswear as investment pieces – that means it’s in your best interest to take care of these pieces. They’ll look their best and retain their original shape if you only wear them on a daily basis, rather than lounging around or working out in them. Keep a separate set of clothes to wear when training for endurance events, lifting weights at the gym or lounging on the couch.

When washing athleisure items, turn them inside out to preserve color and quality. If the garment is made of high-tech fabric, consider using a bag and washing it on a cycle designed for delicate fabrics or with a special detergent. Read tips on hanging dry or putting them in the dryer with a low temperature so they don’t shrink . You may also want to wash your clothes less often – if you don’t sweat in them – hang them out and spray them with a clothes freshener.


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