Do you really know everything about probiotics? Here are the most popular facts and myths

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Probiotics – are called “good bacteria” by many people. They are found, for example, in pickles or kefirs. They are said to improve digestion, but what do you really know about probiotics?

Probiotics do a lot of good for our bodies. They are preparations containing in their composition live bacteria or yeast, whose beneficial properties have been confirmed by many scientific studies. You can find a lot of information about them, even on the Internet, but which of them are myths and which are facts?

What is the purpose of probiotics?

The purpose of probiotics is to regenerate and rebuild the gastrointestinal tract, especially when it has been damaged by drugs taken. These cultures of bacteria and yeast are supposed to provide the body with new, needed bacteria. In what cases and during which ailments to take probiotics? Most often, patients reach for them to improve intestinal peristalsis, especially during diarrhea. Probiotics replenish the strongly depleted flora after antibiotic therapy. They are also recommended for pregnant women who need to take care of their own and their baby’s intestinal microflora during this special time.

Facts about probiotics

It is a fact that probiotics accelerate metabolism. They also boost the metabolism. In which products can we find them? In those naturally fermented; such as kefir, sauerkraut, pickles or bread acid.

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Probiotics are recommended especially for pregnant women because they protect the reproductive tract from infections. But they are also effective in treating allergies and strengthen immunity that has been weakened especially by seasonal viruses.

Another true piece of information is that probiotics should be taken together with prebiotics (food components that are resistant to digestive enzymes). First of all, in order for the strains of beneficial bacteria that you take to replenish your gut flora to be able to effectively “control” your intestines, you need to provide them with a prebiotic.

Probiotics help alleviate the symptoms that occur in people who are lactose intolerant. This is great news for many allergy sufferers who are allergic to this ingredient found in food. What kind of ailments are we talking about? Usually gastrointestinal ones, such as constipation, a feeling of a full stomach, and sometimes nausea. The strains of “good” bacteria contained in probiotics produce an enzyme that breaks down lactose. Probiotics are also partly responsible for reducing the risk of developing certain cancers, especially the development of colon cancer.

Myths about probiotics

It is a myth that probiotics should only be taken in tablet form. They are naturally found in many dairy products, especially in yogurt, buttermilk, kefir, cottage cheese or cheese. Also effective are those in the form of capsules, sachets and soluble granules. However, it is worth taking care to provide them in your diet.

It is also false that the more probiotics we take, the better for our body. Only the appropriate number of “good” bacteria in the preparation guarantees a beneficial effect on health, so if we are not sure about the dose we take, we should always consult a doctor.

How to take probiotics?

Doctors recommend taking probiotics for a long time, even up to a year, taking a break every few months. And after antibiotic therapy, you should take them for at least three months, even up to six months, because that’s how long the sterilized intestinal bacterial flora is renewed.


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