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Setting up your own business online may only take a few minutes, but a much bigger problem arises when you want to get as many hits as possible to your fresh website.Low cost of online presence tempts beginners who do not pay attention to the SEO industry, or are convinced that they are able to handle it on their own. Unfortunately, the reality can be cruel and wanting to appear on the state market. Low cost of online presence tempts beginners who pay no attention to the SEO industry, or are convinced that they are able to handle it on their own. Unfortunately, the reality can be cruel and in order to exist on the national market, we have to think about national SEO

Entrepreneurs who conduct business online in the e-commerce industry are tempted by very low investment costs associated with, for example, not having to hire employees for direct service or expensive rental of space for direct sales. Unfortunately, other entrepreneurs also think the same and as a result, the e-commerce industry is characterized by above-average and sometimes very strong competition, through which it is difficult to break through, especially for small and start-up companies. The answer to the problem of lack of recognition and the basic tool to fight against low popularity of the site is the process of positioning. It is worth finding out more about it and checking how much does positioning cost.

What is positioning?

The search engine Google, the most popular in our country and in the world, is constantly collecting new information on all publicly available pages. This process is called indexing and is extremely important from the entrepreneur’s point of view. The collection of information about sites is done by Google robots, which scour the entire web for new sites and updates to already available content. After obtaining basic and detailed data about them, the robots send it to the algorithm, which performs a number of complex calculations, thanks to which it can give them a ranking, i.e. a position for a given key phrase. Positioning is all about achieving the highest possible position in the listing.

In a moment, you will learn why even when we want to pursue national SEO, let alone international, we need the support of an interactive agency like SEO agency Atlanta or Chicago SEO Company.

The positioning process is generally divided into three independent stages. The first of them is an SEO audit – both SEO agency Atlanta and Chicago SEO company mentioned above can offer You it. This stage involves a thorough analysis of the whole website and learning about its features, parameters and all data that may have an impact on further stages of positioning. The audit includes even several hundred steps and is crucial for knowing the price – rarely do agencies and freelancers price their work without getting to know the technical side of the website.

In the second stage, known as on-site, all changes must be made to the website’s source code. There are several hundred of them and it depends on them how effective positioning is and how much work is necessary. For many companies this stage takes the most time, because it is extremely complicated, but also very important and prone to errors. It is worth learning, for example, what 301 redirection is and when it is worth using it

The third stage – off-site, consists in acquiring as many backlinks leading to the selected website as possible. This stage, despite clear guidelines, is crucial from the point of view of effects, because Google, or rather its algorithm, considers a website trustworthy when links leading to it appear also on other domains. 

What do the effects of positioning depend on?

Positioning is a very difficult and multi-stage process that takes the most professional SEO agencies even several months for large websites that want to achieve the best possible target position in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). As positioners of a Chicago SEO company admit – By far the most important thing is to choose a trustworthy agency that has hundreds of fully successful collaborations to its credit. Many people, as a way to save money, make a big mistake by choosing a freelancer who does the positioning process on their own. However, this is not a good solution. A single person is not able to have as much knowledge as entire teams consisting of copywriters, positioners and programmers.

Cost of positioning

Is positioning expensive? Giving an answer to this question is unfortunately very difficult because it depends mainly on the amount of work needed to be done and the expectations of a particular entrepreneur, but a specialist from SEO agency Atlanta will try to give it. If you expect the first position in a very popular keyword phrase – you have to set yourself up for big expenses. As a rule, the first positions in the most popular keyword phrases are occupied by companies with the largest advertising budget, which allocate huge funds for online activities in an amount unattainable for the average entrepreneur. In less popular words, however, it is much easier, and thus also cheaper.

The price of positioning depends mainly on the target position in the selected key phrase. The higher it is, the higher the price is. Another factor can be the size of the area You’d like to work in – definitely national SEO will be cheaper than international. Many beginning entrepreneurs mistakenly assume that it is always worth appearing as high as possible, regardless of the costs associated with it. In fact, it is quite the opposite – very often the optimal position is the entire first page of results – spending even more money on achieving a top position pays off only in companies where costs are much lower.

main photo: Lukas Bieri/pixabay.com

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I’ve noticed that many people think that SEO audit is a minor part of SEO and can be omitted. In fact, however, this is one of the main factors determining the success of your SEO strategy. The effects of positioning depend mainly on SEO audit. That’s why you should definitely carry out this process. Audit is something that completely changed my SEO results. It allowed me to act more effectively and understand what my actions are related to. Additionally, it enabled me to achieve a high position in the search results.

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